Wireless Dealer Magazine

Wireless Dealer Magazine is a proven leader in launching and creating successful advertising programs for products sold in Wireless Retail Stores.  

We specialize in connecting your business to your target buyers and decision makers in the niche independent Wireless Dealer Marketplace.

We specialize in putting your products on the shelves in the US market in the following industries; Phone & Gadget Repair Services, Hearable & Wearable Devices, Wireless Accessories, Phone Manufacturers, Wireless Distributors, Electronics, Charging, Headsets, Wireless Service, Virtual Reality,  and much more!

Whether you're advertising goal is brand development, generating sales or product awareness. Wireless Dealer Magazine paired with 15 years of collecting marketing contacts in our database brings your company to the right targeted audience.

It's our mission to get your information into the hands of your buyers!

Retailers are always looking for products that will bring new customers into their stores, improve their operating efficiency and increase their profit margins.




Generating Buying Confidence

The more buyers know about you, the better they can up-sell, resell or wholesale your products and services to their customer base.

Having editorial is an important part of the marketing mix, especially when launching new products and services or establishing new markets.

By purchasing an advertising package that contains our feature writing services you are enabling us to tell a story that does more than advertising alone can do.

Our aim is to write about what aligns your business with your competition and buyers. 

We write about who you are as a company, where you have been and where you are headed. Your brand message is delivered along with newsworthy information and important details regarding your products and services.

We believe the more press you generate, the better known your brand becomes, and the more buying confidence you build in the cellular, electronics and audio markets.

Note: While we would like to write about everyone who advertises with us, the publisher must approve your story before the editor assigns a writer. We do this to ensure editorial effectiveness and credibility.