Spree Sets New Standard in Mobile Health Technology

Revolutionary fitness device now available for independent wireless retailers

Spree Sports fitness monitor

Spree, the first fitness monitor on the market to track body temperature, movement and heart rate without using a chest strap, is widely expected to become the new "must have" workout companion for serious athletes.

The smart device stands apart from other fitness monitors, such as those worn around the chest or arms, by analyzing the three most important variables in every fitness routine – body temperature, movement and heart rate. The sleek and comfortable headband unit captures all the real-time data needed to optimize every workout and achieve ultimate performance, then streams the information to an easy-to-use smartphone app that charts exertion and provides visual indicators when each activity's goal is reached.

Spree also addresses widespread complaints about chest straps, which can restrict breathing and move around during exercise. Women are especially resistant to chest straps, which are often considered uncomfortable, awkward and restraining. Arm and wristband units tend to be the least reliable. "We've all seen examples where two wrist devices were used side by side with drastically different results in both distance traveled and calories burned, even up to 200 calories difference," said Peter Linke, President of Dallas, Texas-based Hothead Technologies, Inc, which developed the proprietary technology in Spree.

Placing its advanced Performance Optimization Device, or POD, securely in the headband allows for the most accurate body temperature reading, since the forehead is one of the best areas to measure blood flow.

"Traditional bracelets, armbands and chest straps are fine for tracking heart rates and other basic information, but they ignore the critical element of body temperature," explained Linke. "Knowing the temperature at which your body reaches peak performance is a huge advantage, and Spree is the only device that does it."

"We use the phrase 'On Your Mark' to describe how Spree directs you into the ideal zone for an optimal workout," said Linke. "There's simply no better way to learn how to maximize your body's physical performance which, after all, is the ultimate goal of fitness training."

For serious athletes committed to maximizing their training results, Spree is the smartest fitness monitor to date. As your body adjusts to your training regimen and typical pace, it becomes an invaluable tool. The smartphone app offers fingertip access to real-time information that runners heretofore have never had. And though your training will still be challenging, Spree guides you to your optimal performance zone so you feel much more in control of your progress.

Having this information can help you push your limits every time you work out. If you knew that yesterday you ran exactly 3.2 miles in 22 minutes, wouldn't it be nice to have that information in real time to go a little further, in a little less time? That is the goal. To keep challenging your body, to get a little better and a little stronger every time you work out, regardless of whether you are doing aerobic or anaerobic exercise.

Those tracking calorie burn will find that Spree delivers the most accurate reading possible. Most traditional fitness devices, including equipment commonly used the gym, rely on predetermined estimates of calorie burn based on height, weight, gender and age. The flaw in this formula is that every individual is unique and each person's body reacts differently to exercise. The POD in the Spree headband measures three key metrics during your workout to provide accurate calorie burn data. Heart rate with motion (step count, etc.) and body temperature combine to provide a more accurate indicator of calories burned than formulaic estimates. When a variance of 100 or 200 calories can be the difference between maintaining or losing weight, accuracy matters.

In a brief time, Spree has caused a stir in the marketplace.

In February, the cutting-edge device was named runner-up in the global M2M Challenge Innovation competition at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona. Spree was a finalist in the Consumer Electronics category, which recognized novel applications "demonstrating the huge innovation potential in the world of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication."

More than 200 submissions were received from contestants in 44 countries covering energy, healthcare, mobility, security and consumer electronics.

The international accolades followed Spree's debut to rave reviews at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 8-11.

"The fitness industry and global technology leaders alike have recognized the game- changing potential of Spree, which has compelled us to accelerate and ramp up production to meet expected demand," said Linke. "It now seems clear that Spree is set to become 'the next big thing' in fitness."

Available in six headband colors and powered by an advanced rechargeable battery with eight hours of activity life, Spree also includes a built-in music control feature that enables users to monitor their activity while enjoying digital music tracks.

For more information, visit www.spreesports.com.

By Steve Swaim